OUR SCHOOL (2010), Producer, Director and Writer, Toronto. Documentary on how Toronto’s first State-funded Afrocentric school was established in 2009. 

(click here to view the synopsis and trailer.)

UNSTABLE (2009), Producer, Director and Writer. Wrestling series produced in collaboration with The Fight Network and aired on TFN.        

BLOOD, GUTS AND NO GLORY (2007), Producer, Director and Writer, Toronto.  Documentary taking a behind-the-scenes look at the wrestling business. Aired on Viewers Choice PPV, and ESPN Canada.

PWS WRESTLING PPV SERIES (2002-2007) Producer, Writer and Host, Distributor, Toronto. Aired across Canada on PPV, iN DEMAND PPV, Fight Network, Sold at MusicLand and Music World.

ON THE ROPES (2002), Producer, Director and Writer, Toronto.  Pilot for Boxing Series Hosted by Spider Jones and Featuring George Chuvalo. 

HIGH FIVE (1993-1995), Co-Producer, Writer and Host, Rogers Cable Ontario Network, Toronto. Bi-monthly youth, sports, and adventure show which included interviews with: Andre Agassi, Johnny Bower, Dave Justice, and Isaiah Thomas. High Five was a finalist at the Hometown Video Festival, in California.

UNDERWATER SAFARI (1994), Segment Producer, Writer and Host, Rogers Cable, Toronto. A live program from a classroom for kids.

FATHER GATZ HOCKEY TOURNAMENT (1994), Rogers Cable, Toronto. Director of five camera live hockey championships.

YOUTH TRUTH (1993), Co-Producer, Writer, Co-Host, Rogers Cable, Toronto. Featured teenagers and parents discussing issues affecting their lives.

INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING (1988), Producer, Co-host and Publicist, Toronto. Sports Channel America, ESPN Classics Canada.

MAJOR LEAGUE WRESTLING (1987), Youth producer, Consultant and Guest Co-Host, City TV, Toronto.

ON THE ROPES (1986), Producer, writer and host of live weekly phone-in show which featured World Wrestling Federation(WWF) matches. Newton Cable, Toronto.


WWW.WEISSGUY.NET (2011), Online multi-media magazine.

HEARTANDFIRE.COM (1997 - 2001), Creator, Writer and Host of online audio-magazine featuring sports, entertainment, politics and news items, Toronto. 


CANADIAN SPECTRUM (1995), Producer, Writer and Host, Chin Radio, Toronto.

RING WARRIORS (1989), CKO RADIO, Guest Co-host, Toronto. 



UNSTABLE Theme song (2009), Writer, Singer, Co-Producer. Unstable Series which aired on the fight network.

WALK THE TALK (2009), Writer, Executive Producer. Featured song for "Our School" documentary.